The victim of internet hackers, a famous singer – What happened to her

Faced with an unpleasant discovery would come the popular folk singer…
with a delay of two days discovered that one of the personal accounts on Facebook had been compromised by prospectors of the internet, having broken the codes, and invades them. For the illegal activity of the account, the Elena Metaxa will be updated by using her friends, informing her that they were a bunch of weird messages with the singer, asking a lot of strange things, but also from the curse, a fact that put them on suspicion that it is not responsible at for this. Returning on Saturday night at home after the end of a night of impressions in the “Piraeus stage” with George Daskalakis and Litsa Γιαγκούση, the Helena I knew everything that was going on behind her back, taking immediate steps, and by sending the necessary request in the prosecution of cybercrime on Facebook and making sure to inform their online friends that it is not responsible for the messages with obscenities, which they accepted, asking them I’m sorry.