The Venetian carnival of Corfu emerges cosmopolitan aroma with doges and conesins

Her Venetian travels locals and visitors to other cosmopolitan eras with elaborate masks and wonderful costumes, in a vibrant setting coming from yesterday. The carnival of Corfu comes to life on every street, in the cantounia, in the squares, in Liston, where the doges, the Countesses and the Countesses make their “perazad”. Behind the season suits and shiny masks, two women star. They are the conclaves, Sophia Heimari and Maria Asonite. Maria Asonite is still wearing the first uniform she designed and sewed in 2000. From then on until today he made masks and designed and sewed uniforms. Relatives and friends give her soul to her creations and impress on the streets of Corfu. Although an accountant in the profession always, as he says, had artistic concerns, he wanted to study fashion design. Her free hours today are dedicated to Art. The environment of Corfu influenced her, tells the AIA – APM and began to seek her own truth. “Have you ever wondered the responsibilities of someone born in one of the most beautiful parts of Greece? Someone who tended to live among paintings of the well-known artist Nature? Where does he witness the story of people who went through this place and left their marks on every street, every candoon, every dish? So I was not surprised when on my first trip to Venice I found myself on familiar, familiar streets, buildings, images, colors, smells. And when I passed the threshold of the first hand-made mask workshop, I breathed deeply. I got home. From here begins my own fairy tale”, describes Maria Asonitou’s journey to Art and continues: “I traveled to Venice over and over again to be initiated into the art of the handmade mask. Slowly but firmly came the moment I wanted, my mask supporting a lovely hat, to identify with the right suit. Within the years creativity and contact with different materials led me to a personal style. I have dealt for several years with the artistic decorative mask, but the pride of my soul culminates in my collaboration with DIPETHE Corfu, making all the masks for the production of the play “the merchant of Venice”. This collaboration gave my creations the opportunity to come alive and set up their own dance at Herodion.” Sophia Heimari is a high-sewing designer. He was born and raised in the historic center of Corfu city. He feels a great thrill, as he says in the AP-AE, because in the last 4 years he designed and sewed 150 season clothes, authentic Venetian schools, for young and old. “The materials I use are of excellent quality. I grew up living in a place with a particular culture and history. I decided to leave a deposit in the vestibule of my daughter’s school, who loved the Corfiot Carnival, who recognized his importance for the psyche of young and old, who wanted to highlight the cultural heritage of our country,” says Sophia Heimari. The art of her sewing was taught by her brother, George Pagkratis. Ten decades ago suits were sewn for bus drivers, police officers and later, along with her husband among others, made costumes for dance schools, philharmonic and Halloween events. With great experience in the high sewing design, Mrs. Sophia managed to realize her dream, which was to design and sew princely season costumes. An important role in the Venetian Carnival is also played by the Greek High School of Corfu with its wonderful season costumes. In addition to the fancy performances in the historical center, he also organizes musical events with his Choir.