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The unknown record of Garbi in the Eurovision song contest! [video]

On the day of the new Year last night, Gregory Cooper kept hanging out to the viewers through the broadcast of the…
The 2night Show.
One of the guests was Katy Garbi which he spoke of the long career of but and for an unknown record held by the legendary –now – participation in the Eurovision song contest. As recorded by the appearance in 1993 in the european song contest, the camera remained on her for 43 seconds, which is a record, since it hasn’t happened for any other participant.
“You’ve made a record that, reading it made me a great impression. 43 seconds is sit the camera in your face. It’s never been done in the 60 years of the Eurovision song contest the camera is on the face of a singer or a singer for 43 seconds,” commented Gregory Probst, while the singer pointed out: “I don’t know about 43 seconds, it’s just that the camera was too long on me. We didn’t ask we. I don’t dare to talk to him there. There was no such thing, to ask for cameras, lights”.


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