The Trapped – next episodes: A dead bride and a threatening phone call overthrow everything

A dramatic development in the series “. ” What we will see in the next episodes to be aired on Monday 11 March and Tuesday 12 March 2024, at 22:30. The Trapped: Monday March 11, episode 41 Chrysa asks Anna what happened with her divorce and she breaks out with her sister and family, blaming them for everything that happens between her and Dimitris. Dimitris is in just as bad a situation, but he takes over with Andrew the case of the bride found dead. Angeliki and Stavros begin preparations for their wedding. Anna, who participates as a lawyer in the bride’s case, should find a way not to conflict with Dimitris. Alekos desperately tries to find a way to prove Berberides’ innocence when Jason reveals something shocking to him. The Trapped: Tuesday, March 12, episode 42 As the wedding crime gazette unfolds, Dimitris and Anna’s personal relationships are tested once again. With the divorce pending, the two must work together to solve the mystery behind the murder of the bride and the closed mouths of the two families. A pregnancy is coming to shake the balance at the DA’s office. Alekos and Jason are trying to get Panos out of prison in fraudulent, as always, ways. While the families of the bride and groom have been called to testify and light begins to fall on the case, Anna is shocked to receive a threatening call against Dimitris’ life! In the lead roles Michael Leventoyannis (Dimitris Marketos) and Martha Lambiri – Fedorov (Anna Roditis). Starring: Kimonas Kouris, Tamila Koulieva, Peter Rabbit, Ioanna Triantafyllidou, Stathis Stamulakatos, Stavros Tsoumanis, Solonas Chounis, Maria Marangou, Dimitris Pitsos, Alice Kakoliris, Paul Pierros, Georgia Matsuka, Evelina Gournas, Kostis Rabavilas. In the role of Spiros Marketos, Paul Orkopoulos In the role of Gerasimos Marquette, Stefanos Kyriakidis In the role of Irini Roditi, Dina Michailidou In the role of Chrysa Roditi, Sophia Farazi In the second cycle enters dynamically and the (in alphabetical order): Giouli Georgakopoulou, Thodoris Theodorakopoulos, Lambros Kostanteas, Dimitris Liolios, Panayiotis Margetis, Gianna Papageorgiou and Giorgos Tsambourakis. Tasos Chalkias with them. The series “Trapped” is based on the format “YARGI” by Kerem Catay (creator) and Sema Ergenekon (original screenplay), produced by Ay Yapim. It is distributed by Madd.