The top soccer player in the world hung in the shoes of the

The top soccer player in the world, Abby Γουέιμπαχ, announced the end of her career, after a brilliant course of years, and America rushed to say goodbye.
During the course of her career became a world champion and a gold Medalist. She owns the title of top scorer with the jersey of the U.S. national team, having scored 184 goals, overcoming and the corresponding αρχισκόρερ of the male group.
Abby Γουέιμπαχ, in addition to the distinguished career of staying known as a highly combative woman who fought with a passion against discrimination that is accepted in the field of football.
The 35-year-old striker said determined to change the football, expressing the intense frustration of what he lived through in the courts, and discrimination against women.