The Tentoglou-Pomaski hug after the Greek champion’s historic 8.65

He won the gold medal in the Rome European championship, with the Greek champion who scored the top performance of his career with 8,65m, accepting his coach’s “hot” embrace. Miltos Tentoglou was outstanding in his final length in the Rome European track championship, with the Greek champion winning another gold medal and while marking the top two jumps in his career with 8,65m. As it makes sense himself after the end of a race, which was a monologue of the 26-year-old, he wanted to embrace his coach George Pomaskey, the man with whom Tentoglou has managed to build a myth. In fact, the gifted jumper had the flag of Greece on him, which he always takes care to climb the highest step of the podium and make it proud at whatever stage he struggles. It is worth noting that this was the 13th medal in Tentoglou’s career, which reached a breath from breaking down the nationwide record held by Louis Chatumas with 8,66m.