The strangest professions in the world that you may not know exist

These days most people may work behind a computer in their offices or even do manual work, but there are also some that cause, admittedly, feeling as their object is de facto curious. Let us, however, look at some of the strangest jobs in the world, which, however, yield satisfactory financial rewards. Export poison from snakes First, professionals who have chosen this profession are familiar with reptiles. On the substance, they extract poison from rattlesnakes or cobras, which is then used as an antidote to hospitals or for laboratory use. In fact, the amount that can be sold is $1,000 a gram. Professional bridesmaids The great time has come to climb the steps of the church and you have no one to accompany you? You don’t have to worry, since there’s a bridesmaid rental company. Bridesmaids accompany the bridesmaids to their wedding, then participating in the wedding reception. The cost for each marriage starts at $300 and can reach 2,000. Iceberg transporters This profession dates back to 1912, when it wrecked the ocean liner “Titanic”, after its impact on an iceberg during its maiden voyage. A year later, a special service was set up under the U.S. Coast Guard to identify and monitor icebergs considered dangerous to navigation. In the event that certain icebergs prevent ships from passing, they are moved from where they are located elsewhere. Professionals who mourn funerals As strange as it may seem, there is a related company in England that bears the name “Pentunning”. These professionals go to funerals and express their grief for the dead. In fact, the cost of renting mourners amounts to $70 for two hours. Dog surf instructors To this day, we knew that there were instructors offering surf lessons to those who love water sports. However, you can now register for your four-legged friend to learn to tame the waves. Beauty Product Testers These testers are trained to use their hands and judge the effectiveness of various beauty and care products, such as lotions, facial cleaners, and razor blades. Although working part-time, however, they can earn up to $25 per hour. Professionals offering hugs These professionals offer hugs to those concerned, charging up to $80 an hour, while it is not considered an easy profession at all, as workers must have emotional endurance. Professionals watching television Professional viewers watch various shows in order to locate the appropriate quotes they can then be used on television shows or newscasts. It’s no coincidence that nine years ago, a U.S. evening talk-show offered as a $500-600 a week reward for this particular job. Artists who create souvenir items from the deceased Using the ashes of the deceased after their cremation, these artists create souvenir items for their relatives, such as necklaces or glass sculptures. Professionals assessing bad smells These workers usually work in companies that produce gum, toothpaste or even oral solution. Their work requires them to evaluate the above products, providing information from their personal experience. Dog feed testers Dog food testers are hired by companies that produce pet foods to test the quality of their products. Professionals who separate chickens according to their sex These workers work mainly in hatcheries and poultry farms and are responsible for distinguishing female chickens from males. In the United Kingdom and Japan, workers can earn up to $60,000 a year. Professionals waiting in line Undoubtedly, this profession requires patience and mental endurance, due to long standing. In times of discounts, such as Black Friday, or when new products (smartphones) are launched on the market, employees can earn up to $1,000 a week. They write the phrases in fortune cookies Fortune cookies are mainly offered as dessert in Asian restaurants. Each cookie contains an internal card with a prediction, advice or excommunication. Cookie manufacturers usually hire freelancers, who may earn up to $40,000 a year.

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