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The shocking testimony of a student for the stray dogs in Thesprotia…

Feral dogs move the last time in the entire prefecture of Thesprotia, even in small villages!
The problem is acute mainly in Igoumenitsa, where the stray adorable quadrupeds are increasing day by day.
And the problem is twofold: These animals roam the streets, where they risk to die from starvation, disease and cars, which are hit. Not at risk, however, only the animals, but also people from their attacks.
Stray animals, and grow, they give up the people in the streets or fleeing from the owners of the animals, their young, because they can’t afford them. We can deal with the problem of stray animals, by not allowing the streets to give it to a relative or friend, and when we take an animal, we are sure you will keep it until his death. Stray dogs should be gathered and collected in animal shelters.
A student wrote a shocking text for a stray: “I Was in school and a stray dog, almost run over by a truck. I went near him and pulled it aside. I gave him to eat the sandwich, which I had with me. The έφαγελαίμαργα and me wagging his tail and looking at me in the eyes. I showed him love, showed me love. He followed me to school. And the most amazing: Wait, about 5 hours, outside the door of the school to finish and he followed me again!”.

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