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(Title) forerunner arrangements promoted the Aegean against Greek sovereign rights are revealing what he said Wednesday in a radio interview, Deputy Prime Minister T. Pangalos.
In his statements, not simply legitimize Turkish provocations, saying that the Turkish research ship “make research in international waters, where anyone can do research”-which is false since the ship was in international waters while but Greek continental shelf; but also declassify the Greek continental shelf as defined by international law, limiting it only to shallow to 200 feet deep seabed, which is only 15% of the international waters of the Aegean. In this way, the Greek government leaves the rest on the shelf with “gray zones».
Said Pangalos Th “The” Piri Reis “and” ÇeÅŸme “do research in international waters, where anyone who wants can do research, not just the coastal countries. Not only Greece and Turkey. It can come ship Russian, American or from the Congo. In international waters, anyone can do what he wants ».

He continued:” The problem is if you do surveys on the continental shelf and the continental shelf is the lesser depth, the seabed at a depth less than 200 meters, which is an extension of the coast. Where we stop the Greek territorial waters, there can be no more shallow depths of 200 meters and was set up shelf. This is the shelf for many years, Greece insists that the sort just to confuse – misunderstandings and issues and that everyone can now free to make inquiries or holdings ».
These is a logical continuation of what has been said by Deputy Prime Minister on May 14, 2010, speaking at the Business Forum Greece – Turkey under Erdogan’s visit that “the Aegean, the issues of territorial sovereignty, sovereignty in the air and the sea ( …) are made from some very talented diplomats “and had called the Turkish claims against Greek sovereign rights’ territorial arrangements” and “geographical features »…
Trochiodeikti fire

The continental shelf as the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) is the sovereign right of coastal state to exploit only the sea and seabed.
on international waters as a whole, ie beyond the narrow coastal zone territorial waters (6 or 12 nautical miles) – these are anyway national territory – unrestricted deep seabed, in accordance with applicable International Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982, which Greece ratified in 1994.
What has record said Deputy Prime Minister, put it differently all the Greek sovereignty in the Aegean, while the ongoing Greek-Turkish negotiations and, as advertised, is to “good” path. Accordingly, the statements Pangalos Trochiodeikti throw shooting which guide the content and context of the bilateral dialogue. Show that the government not only discusses the basis of questioning of Greek sovereignty and has accepted this challenge to a great extent.

It is obvious that the Greek government is the de facto establishment of Turkey NATO to cover a new situation in which models are the wider arrangements to be pursued.
These arrangements outside the continental shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone, the width of territorial waters and airspace, as well as the responsibilities international arena regarding control of operations (FIR) and search and rescue.
All have a catalytic impact in the military-operational control of the Aegean, which is vital to the defense of the mainland. Recalled that the issue of operational control of the Aegean is an open problem in the framework of NATO division, as reflected in the new structure of NATO and the controversy around the headquarters and air operations center (CAOC).
Chasing new frontiers

what was said by the Deputy Prime Minister, upset all the present data and invalidate international law, is limited to the continental shelf delimitation, only in those parts of the sea that extend beyond its territorial waters and the seabed reaches a maximum depth of 200 meters.
In other words, is “gray zone” for 85% of the international waters of the Aegean, the majority are Greek continental shelf and left the continental shelf of the Mediterranean, where there the depths are everywhere over 200 meters.
Such a position is not supported, so far, neither the Turkish side. That rule is not applicable to the Convention on the Law of the Sea. Valid only in the Convention of 1958, replaced by the current of 1982 because it was not just technology for drilling in deeper bottom.
Besides the whole Mediterranean has been divided into national Exclusive Economic Zones. For example, Cyprus has demarcate EEZ with Egypt in the middle distance of the coastline, like Greece and Italy in the middle of the Ionian Sea.

Feature of reversals being promoted is the fact that whether an area of international waters of the Aegean (currently under International Law is a Greek continental shelf), or de facto, or after “settling” the concession given to Turkey, this raises and the right defense on the part of the maritime area, and Turkey invoked “vital interests” of the Agreement (Madrid 1997).
noted that today, almost the entire Aegean Sea – with the exception of the northern Aegean part – because of the dispersion and arrangement of the Greek islands that form ” wall “opposite the Turkish coast, is a Greek continental shelf. Also covered by the Athens FIR (according to ICAO) and is therefore a place in which the power of search and rescue belongs to Greece.
Ensuring, on the Turkish side of the exploitation of the continental shelf that extends between two segments Greek territory or more across the sea area around the Greek islands, would have direct implications for issues of national sovereignty.

would lead to encirclement by Turkish Greek island shelf or interference between the Turkish shelf and Greek islands mainland Greece and Turkish interference in the sea routes.
This would mean in practice that, among the Greek islands, where appropriate, to the Turkish oil rigs or gas, thereby dragging the control of airspace, the power research and rescue, and the overall business – military control of the region, ie new borders in the Aegean and reverse the current “status».

To mark the overthrow of what you said Deputy Prime sufficient to quote what was said on the website of the Greek Foreign Ministry, describing the less-formal-Greek positions on the Aegean: Turkey aims at acquisition of the continental shelf west of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea and therefore the entrapment of these in a Turkish area of jurisdiction ».
In contrast to this position, the new approach vindicates the Turkish demands, and waives the continental shelf west of the Greek islands and to mainland Greece to the coast of Evia and the Gulf of Thessaloniki and the eastern coast of the Peloponnese or, at best, to put on the table of negotiation with Turkey.
Elsewhere the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted: “The issue is the delimitation of the continental shelf on two specific points, that both the marine extension of border in Thrace and the other near the Turkish coast islands located on the northern and eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese. Is clearly not a whole shelf of the Aegean as late claims that Turkey, which was also granted licenses to conduct investigations of oil just two points above ».

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