The self test avoided at least 2,000 deaths and 200000 imports

Soturias appear to have been demonstrated in Greece, as at least 2,000 deaths and 20.0000 imports were avoided between April and December 2021, according to a Greek-American study published in the scientific journal “Frontiers in Public Health”. On the Greek side, the research on self tests was carried out by the Laboratory of Health Epidemiology and Medical Statistics of the EOPI, and two American universities, MIT and the University of Southern California, participated in the study. The report was given to the FM Agency, Deputy Professor of Health and Epidemiology, clinical virologist Gika Mayorkin, who clarified that mainly publicly available data were used and scientists had no information about individuals. “In the period between April 4 and December 15, 2021, around 60 million self test were made available. About 8 million people participated in the process and at the peak of the program, 20% of the population, made two self test, within a week.” According to Mr.Majorkini mathematical models and simulations were used, so that researchers would calculate the impact of self test on hospital admissions due to covid19 and disease deaths. To expand the screening programmes, with self test mainly for infectious “In addition to avoiding a significant number of deaths, we now show that self test can be a very important tool of public health, especially when we are dealing with situations such as pandemics. Now the self test uses a lot of people for the flu, but also for other diseases and it is a very important legacy of the pandemic that people now know how to do a self test and have a quick diagnosis of their health condition.” What ways do you find in your study, Gikas Mayorkin is rightly asked? “I think we can now gradually trust the population more and more to self test and thus expand the screening programmes, especially for infectiouss. I believe that in this way we will be very easily able to help people prevent the heavier diseases before they manifest, even for viruses such as hepatitis C, or HIV. Selfests could also be made available gradually in these categories. There is now the possibility of self-absorption, as is done in many countries e.g. the HPV test for cervical cancer.” We’re going to a more normal time of respiratory disease. As regards this winter in relation to the covid pandemic, Mr. Mayorkinis says that from beginning to mid-December until the end of January, it was the most intense period we had to see for more than a year. “Hospitals had a little pressure we saw in the ICU. Right now the coronavirus is on a declining course. It has been at the lowest level for some time and does not inspire any concern. This does not mean that we cannot have another outbreak in the year. Usually we see it toward Spring, or summer, depends on the variations that may occur. The other infectious ones are on a normalization course. The flu was intense, not as much as last year, and it seems that this year’s epidemic will end by the end of March. We should probably go to a more normal time of respiratory diseases.”

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