The scenarios for St. Kasselakis in Eurobulis, the scenarios for Eurovotes, the headaches of N. Androulakis, what P. Mantonakis wants, because the practice for BOAK is late

Red! The Tempes and the sense that has been created in the public opinion that the government, with the unfortunate manipulations that have taken place, has attempted to cover up political responsibilities for the national tragedy, are heightened the political confrontation. The inability of the political system to reach a common finding, after the Committee of Inquiry, reveals that parties’ strategies and tactics outweigh the search for the one truth due to the relatives of victims and survivors. With or without lobsters! In another field, the controversy over which foreign companies ( prohibited by law) with or without lobster-fishing boats is escalated, has the president of the main opposition party Stefanos Kasselakis. There are many six months that are in the leadership of SYRIZA to have not been informed of what is true of the laws of the country that he wants to govern, not to have completed the transfer procedures and not to have told the citizens clearly about his past powers, whether he came or not time to testify. To the European Parliament Kasselakis? Since the entry paper of the national Parliament does not come out to him, Stefanos Kasselakis accepts suggestions to come down for the European Parliament. The advocates of the proposal have the following arguments: It will give greater weight to the Eurobond. It will be tested in national polls (except internal parties). Because it is almost certain that he will be elected, it will be more difficult to question him if the result of the European elections is not satisfactory. They even think it should hold the seat, as Nikos Androuliakis did, when he was elected president of PASOK. This possibility is already causing a numbness among the Euro-digitalists. If one seat is taken by the president, there will be two or three left for the rest of them, so they will be hit. On Thursday, before getting dressed in khaki, Stefanos Kasselakis will present Syriza’s European programme. In April, following the clarification to be made, the Eurobond will be presented. The current MEPs Elena Koudura and Konstantinos Arvanitis will be nominated again. In the new faces are George Tsipras, Nicolas Farantouris, former basketball player Nikos Pappas, the former representative Dora Aggeri, Dora Tsabazi, widow of former vice-representative of SYRIZA, Olympic champion Alexander Nikolaides who lost his life a year and a half ago, psychiatrist Dimitris Papadimitiadis and The wreckage As Otto Iliopoulos’ decision to choose Harvard from the House seems to be taken, when he resigns the seat the most likely will be taken by the first runner-up Poppy Tsapanidou although it has nothing to do with Syriza after the resignation of Tsipras. The second candidate is Georgetta Lali who ideologically is closer to the “New Left” and was considering resigning from Syriza. The scenario of Kasselakis replacing Heliopoulos as a resident has no basis. The law requires that there be an outcast in the first three positions of the State ballot. Not to be elected by any means. If that were the case, then the small parties who elected a Member It should certainly have been out of state, which is not the case. With the Bone Professor Athanasios Chakris who was on the State ballot in SYRIZA is gone. He is on the Political Council of the Green Party “World” of Peter Kokali. He is with Lefteris Papagiannakis, Xenophon Kontiadis, Giorgos Ioakimidis etc. The well-known dentist and son of Manolis Mitsias, Miltiades, godfather of Antonis Samaras, will eventually not be nominated for the European elections with the NW. Discussions were held but personal reasons did not allow him to attempt the political step. And in the past he flirted with politics but eventually did not give in. Faelos is nominated Near a nomination on the ND Euro-vote is Faelos Kranidiotis. The centrists don’t see him with a good eye. They think it will work negatively. Those in favour of his nomination argue that he will be able to repatriate votes that have left to the right of the South West. Failos Kranidiotis participated in a right-wing coalition that was dissolved before the June election and then stated that “the right choice is Kyriakos Mitsotakis”. What about Zagoraki? Theodoris Zagorakis, as the nominations for the SW Euro-vote evolve, was alleged to be the only one of the current MEPs who did not get the nomination to claim a third term in the European Parliament. His reaction was “that is, am I preventing renewal?”. Rumors were released that PASOK President Nikos Androuliakis who are friends with the national leader who won EURO in 2004, suggested that he get off with PASOK. Harilau Trikoupi does not confirm him or deny him. As for Zagorakis or he thinks about PASOK or he expects something to change and they think about it in the South. They go down with PASOK PASOK is expected to elect 3-4 MEPs. The secretary of the party Andreas Spyropoulos, Nikos Papandreou, the SYRIZA constitutionalist Kostas Chrysogenos, meteorologist Sakis Arnaoutoglou, former Minister Giannis Maniatis, Philip Sachinidis, Mr. The Parliamentary Group and the PASOK Political Council meet together today for the informal start of the European elections campaign. The climate is heavy. With cohesion problems. Nikos Androuliakis failed to convince a third of his MPs to vote for the bill on same-sex couples although it was a declared party position. The dramatic meeting of the K.O. on non-state AEIs followed, where MPs stressed that they did not understand that white was black. PASOK parliamentary representative Dimitris Mantzios also proceeded to the 6th Cubistis – as measured by Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis. He stated to the House that PASOK would vote for the change of Article 16 not in the first phase of the constitutional revision to begin in 2025, but after the next election, in the second phase to have a say in drafting it. So they’re going for…2030. Live my May! Fight! Nikos Androuliakis the fall of SYRIZA did not succeed in crediting herself to the level expected. PASOK’s second position in the polls has already begun to be questioned despite the excursions of Stefanos Kasselakis and the crisis his party passed at the conference. The European elections are highlighted in the fight for the president of PASOK. It is not only the loud voices of criticism of Nadia Giannakopoulou and Odysseas Constantinopoulos, the “insurgency” of Manolis Christodoulakis with his participation in the event with Tebnera and Ahchioglou where Kasselakis suddenly appeared and stole the performance. There are several Members who are concerned by the weak increase in PASOK. Delphinos Stelechis leave spikes for Nikos Androuliakis that he has a narrow circle of partners with whom he draws strategy (wrong strategy, as they point out), does not call the instruments, shows low reflexes etc. If 11.84% of PASOK does not rise spectacularly, instruments will start from the same night. Among the dolphins are already heard the names of the mayor of Athens Harry Duke. Their relations with Androulakis are going through a period of frost. In the elections of KEDE in addition to the bitter defeat suffered by the mayor of Athens by Lazaros Kyrizoglu (65.78%), bringing together 29.30% and 9 seats, comments are made in Har. Trikoupis that candidates for influence of Kostas Zachariadis were promoted and not so many PASOK executives. They charge him with self-defense. Manolis Christodoulakis, Paul Christidis, Nadia Giannakopoulou are already discussing the next day of the European elections, if the result is negative. What does Pantelis Mantonakis want? Few believe that the new auction will take place for the two hotels of Pantelis Mantonakis in Elounda scheduled for May 15th with a starting price of 300m euros. And they wonder what the Cretan hotel owner who has messed with the public, the banks, everyone is after! And it has in its quiretra the Arion Ice arbitration decisions under which it has received around 800m euros (so much with interest) from the Public Real Estate Company (ETAD) on the occasion of what has happened at the former Lagonisi Xenia and today Grand Resort Lagonissi! Banks put the two hotels on the hammer for debts of 500 million more than half of which are interest. What does Mandonanakis, who has not, as he has the right, seek from the public? The hotel manager tells his associates that what he wants is to offset his debts to the banks with what he has to receive from the arbitration and at the same time grant him the additional area in Lagonisi, as provided for in the original contract with the EBRD, to proceed with the investments he has been planning for years. To date, the answerable efforts, even from the Maximus Mansion, for compromise were not successful. Why is the BOAK committee’s practice delayed? Many scenarios have been circulating in recent weeks to delay the publication of the tender committee’s practice for the concession of the Northern Road Axis of Crete (BOAK). The column is able to know the real reasons but avoid the details because there is no reason to upset one or two participants. What matters, for those who are watching the development of the competition for one of the largest road route concession projects in Europe, is whether the changes that are heard to be initiated in the composition of the concession company are made before or after its signature. What we know for sure today is that the competition was dominated by the GEK TERNA group who had submitted an autonomous offer. The Australians of Rockfire and the Moles The Australian Rockfire said to have found large amounts of German in the Molaus, where it has a mine licence, had a few months ago little problems due to involvement with Russians. Specifically, London-listed Rockfire Resources canceled a plan to buy Emirates Gold, a Dubai-based precious metal processing company, because its shareholder, Paloma Precious DMCC was found on Britain’s list with operations that had lots with Moscow. Paloma was even a shareholder of Rockfire last September but sold her percentage. From one end to another for tourism investments! Until recently we were celebrating the rain of investments in new tourist facilities in coastal areas of the country and islands. Now the balance has turned to the exact opposite side! Almost every new tourist investment on an island is dealt with in a negative way, with reactions and complaints. So they risk staying on paper at least two – three investments for new hotels in Mykonos, two – three more in Paros and at least 10 – 12 corresponding projects in other Aegean islands, as well as in Ionion. An example is the public consultation on a large tourism investment in Mykonos to join strategic investments. Collect about 68 comments, all negative! Many local communities are now on bars mainly because the state and municipalities did not make sure to create infrastructure that will withstand the explosion of tourist investments. And now, with the dry ones, the greens burn! Grivalia, Delikanakis, Karonis and other powerful victims The negative climate for tourism investments is currently being paid for by large industry names such as Grivalia Hospitality and G.Delicanakis who are struggling to move forward hotels in Mykonos, Viva Wallet’s big boss Haris Karoni who had bought 2,500 acres in Serifos, Prodea who invests in hotels in areas such as Paros and elsewhere. The climate is very unpleasant with the responsibility of local authorities that have let the building activity overflow without upgrading sewerage networks, road infrastructure, solving problems by watering and waste management, etc. Everything here is paid!

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