The revolution of the tie

Aristotle Vassilakis
I had written some time ago humorous, all of the remaining αντιμνημονιακοί…
will we have to wear ties… seeing the fashion that was brought to the governance”, i.e. the dress code without a tie…
Our proposal unfortunately has not inspired the so-called “αντιμνημονιακούς”, who show in a daze and without reflexes of the great defeat suffered as a result of the impressive memorandum κυβίστησης of Tsipras and the huge defeat of the NO…
However, it seems to have inspired the so-called bourgeoisie, which last week took to the streets in response to the bill for the Insurance. And some “leftists” began to scoff at Social Media the particular demonstration with the well known “quotes” such as, “they entered the town, the townspeople, with a rolex in the hands, with fur on the streets and Louis Vuitton on the shoulders”, however you have to admit that the μνημονιακές policies, it may do more harm to the self-employed, rather than civil servants… Maybe the thousands of lawyers, doctors, engineers and pharmacists to be the “marked” of widespread tax evasion, which prevails in our country, however, you have to admit, that the unprecedented long economic crisis has hit them with a shovel.
The choice of the protesters to wear suits, polished shoes had a special significance, since for the first time saw unusual faces that don’t match that much with the classic profile of the “rebel” that we knew as now.
Some of the options of the government, they took to the streets of the urban class, which is protesting for their own interests. And this is not the first time. In the summer, all those who filled in the Constitution and protesting for Europe, it was also bourgeois. Unprecedented and a first for the data of our society, but the middle class has started complaining and claiming.
I don’t know if it’s true the saying, that the revolutions make ONLY the rich, however, it seems that something is moving in the “Kingdom of Δανιμαρκίας”. Not for justice, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists etc etc, but to wake up finally a great productive class of the country, which for many years was in a nirvana of bliss.