The revelation about the “Crimes” that he did not know anyone… [video]

If I remember correctly, then the Λάτσιος and Maragoudaki took…”…
Guest at the Breakfast was Kostas Koklas, who in an interview given to Giorgos Liagas and Fay Ashton, revealed that the “Crimes” he was ready to be picked in the 12th episode, because the actors are all unpaid.
“A job that he took very, very cheap as I work, where I was μπατιράκι and I didn’t get paid, they gave me a little something”. And all of a sudden I started getting some money in the Τζιβαέρι. The next year I did the “Crimes”, which was stopped in the 12th episode because we were unpaid. The one channel I wanted, had rejected it, the other channel wanted it, but I didn’t pay for it. If I remember right, then was the Λάτσιος and Maragoudaki, took the job, supported and paid by the canal debt, and so continued the “Crimes”.

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