THE PROFESSIONAL insists warns APPEALS FOR THE CIGARETTE: “We will apply the law ‘

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(Title) Defying the threat of a fine, the coordinator of Professional Coffee Bar, which opposes the anti-smoking law, reiterated its position yesterday, clearing the same time to bring legal if and where necessary, at a meeting he had everything: coffee … cigarette.

The cafeteria Street Kallidromiou, Exarchia, was, yesterday afternoon, a magnet for professionals who are the focal (about eighty) and do not wish to apply the law, since, as they say, unfairly (en: that is why, despite the legislation, cigarettes lit and within the room), but their customers or employees who have the same view, claiming their right to choose and maintain special areas for smokers.

trend reflected in a recent survey by MRB (on behalf of the Association of Professional tobacco retail stores Peripterouchon former Capital Management) and reported yesterday members of the Coordination.

“We have how many want to stop smoking. Show them we are researching the MRB for the Professional tobacco retail stores held in June 2010. What have they to tell us? Know that 73% of non-smokers agree with the division into smoking and non? Know that 1 out of 3 answered that if smoking is completely banned, it comes out less? Us what to do? “Says spokesman Coordinating Professionals coffee bar and a member of the Board Professional Chamber of Athens, Dimitris Arvanitis. According to the survey of MRB:

– 75% of respondents agree to maintain separate and specially designed area for smokers in cafes, restaurants, etc.

– 8 out of 10 respondents agree with to maintain a separate and specially designed area for smokers businesses / workplaces.

– 1 in 3 smokers answered that, if completely banned smoking in restaurants, etc. it leaves less in these stores.

– To the question “What are the main reasons that pushed you to stop smoking / which can push someone to stop smoking?” 81% state health reasons, 32% the price of tobacco, while only 4.7% said the ban on smoking in restaurants, etc., and only 1.7% of the prohibition of advertising and promotions of tobacco products in places sale.