The prayer is always god be with you…

The difficulties of life to say…
“Mother of god” – That he knows, he sees, is watching, it helps!
The presence of Mary in our life:
It is no coincidence that every time something bad happens we say “mother of god” or even as a precaution, for not to happen…. like to exorcise the evil.. again “my god” I scream, you think, you mumble!
The Virgin mary is beside us, many testimonies of people (believers and unbelievers) who have experienced the Miracle Of. Either as a fulfillment of desire which was a request for in Prayer, either as a vision or as a simple sign.. at that time, and this simple sign, you will see it like a lifeline in a rough sea of problems that you are.
As we said above, the Virgin mary does not make exceptions of the type “do You believe in – I’ll help you” & “You don’t believe – I won’t help you”.
Our Lady, help the two sides… will you tell me, “why?” –
The answer comes by itself inside of a question: What kind of a Mother doesn’t love her kids??? c??
A Mother who gave birth to the Love of the same Christ, how is it possible not to overflowing with love?
This Love makes our Lady “vulnerable” to be blind and to help people.. blind and does not see our mistakes, overcomes our sins, make you on the edge of the dirty nature and Pleases her Son and our God, to Answer the Prayers and requests us to give us a solution to the problems that make us miserable.
With tears in the eyes of the Virgin pleads the Christ to save us! To our heed!
How big is the Heart, to fit inside of so much love and forgiveness?!
Jesus listens to god, that ask him He would fulfill it, the boldness of the Virgin mary in Christ is unique, one could say, that even from hell, the Lady can take a man and go to Heaven.
The only thing you have to do is only the sign of the Cross…and a couple of wishes: “O mother of God save us” and “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me” … that’s enough!
A beautiful story of the Holy Mountain says:
“Every time it got dark in Heaven, Saint Peter, closing the door panels and counting the sheet of how many they get to Heaven. Then put their names by the side of those who already was through time, and find the number.
The next morning, she counted again the paradise people and go to open the door. But for a long time, saw this paradox:
While the night before had counted those who had been in Heaven was ten, the next day, counting the other 3 above.
But how can it be that he was thinking.
I decided to go to the master Christ, and to tell Him what’s bothering him.
-Hold shift, said, the Christ and the Saint bowed his head and turned to the διακόνημά.
The same night the Apostle of God, save by the command of Christ and as it dawned he had an answer ready.
– He asked the Lord, what’s going on…
– In the evening… Mr… who closes Heaven climbs Your Mother in the walls and puts people from there.”
This is the power of our lady!
A powerful prayer:
Remember, full of Grace Virgin Mary, that never was left helpless, anyone who came to Your protection, implored Your help, or sought Your intercession.
Inspired by this confidence,
προστρέχω to You, o Virgin of Virgins,
My mother, I come to You,
in front of You I stand,
a sinner and repentant.
Oh Mother of the Word Incarnate!
Despise not my petitions,
but in Thy mercy hear and answer me.