The possible timetable for creating the new business park in Litochoro

Work on the creation of the project at Pieria could begin in October 2024, since everything is going well, with a view to the project being completed in 2025, as the CEO of ETVA VIPE SA, Athanasios Psathas, pointed out in the APE, on the occasion of the signing of a relevant memorandum of cooperation and meeting with the municipality of Diou-Litochoros. In a total area of 1000 acres in the area of Xirocampi in Litochoro, of which 700 farmable, the park will be able to accommodate about 30 businesses over the next ten years, unless a large investor appears, who will request a large single area, which Mr. Psathas will be given, explained. “After signing the memorandum, the next step is to grant the area from the municipality to the business park management company. The timetable within which the concession will proceed depends on the municipality. Immediately thereafter, the investment proposal file, which is expected to last about three months, will follow. At the same time it is expected that the development ministry will “run” the effort to integrate the park into a program to grant its creation by 50%. The investment proposal should then be evaluated and, in a good case, the investment could start in October 2024, so that it could be completed in 2025″ Mr.Flomas clarified and added that the 50% grant could come from various sources, such as the Recovery Fund, from the funds for strategic investment or Invest in Greece. Why would she invest a company to house its industrial facilities in the Litochoro Xirocampi? As Mr. Psathas pointed out, the region brings together a number of advantages: First, it is very close (at a distance of about 70 km) to Thessaloniki, which means that an investor could consider it as an alternative, at a time when there are no free plots in VIPS Sindos. Secondly, the area is located “over” in PATHE and, thirdly, is adjacent to the railway, so a special platform could be created to facilitate transport. As regards the VIP Sindus, Mr. Psathas announces that “any moment the legislation is expected, probably by the Energy Ministry, to be transferred to ETVA VIPE SA water supply and sewage networks and to proceed with the investment of 11m euros”, which the company has planned to upgrade. The Memorandum of Cooperation and Meeting for the new business park in Litochoro was signed between ETVA VIPE SA, Diu-Olympos municipality and the park management company (AEDO). On behalf of ETVA VIPE SA, the memorandum is signed by Mr.Psathas, while for the municipality of Dios-Olympos the mayor, Vangelis Gerolioliolios, signed. The memorandum was also signed by the IAEA representative. ETVA prepared the feasibility study to find the best solution for the exploitation and financing of infrastructure projects in the park. “It is about the exploitation of a park, which is expected with its development to give the necessary stimulation to the area of Litochoros,” concluded Mr.Psathas. SOURCE: RES-BE

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