The pharmaceutical cannabis “came” in Northern Greece: From Papageorgiou hospital the first recipe

The first recipe for Thessaloniki was published today (05.04.2024). The green light in our country had been lit since 2022, but there were no legal drugs. According to the announcement of Papageorgiou Hospital, the first prescription of cannabis medicine is for a patient with chronic neuropathic pain, who failed to relieve himself of conventional treatments. With this recipe the 55-year-old patient now hopes that he will be able to relieve chronic pain by buying cannabis medicine for medical use from the pharmacy. The pharmacy’s door to perform a corresponding recipe will also pass a 60-year-old, the second patient who has suffered great suffering due to neuropathic pain also found access to this treatment, through Papageorgiou Hospital. “The use of cannabis medication is indicated for the treatment of chronic pain, associated with cancer or central or peripheral nervous system diseases, such as neuropathic pain caused by: nerve damage, “ghost member”, triple nerve pain, post-treatment neuralgia, but not responding to conventional treatments. It is also used in the treatment of spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord damage,” notes the Deputy Coordinator Director of Anesthesiological Department – Medical Pain in G.N. Papageorgiou Eleni Korakis. Medicinal cannabis is available in the form of whole dry hemp plant flowers for inhalation and contains the active substances D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The cost of treatment is borne exclusively by the patient According to Mrs Korakis, cannabinoids are steamed using the steamer, a special device that allows the inhalation of cannabis compounds without the combustion associated with smoking. They can thus offer up to four hours of pain relief. Choosing the right dose is a process defined, step by step, personalized for each patient, in cooperation with the doctor. Patients who have experienced conventional treatments, but who have not been relieved by chronic pains, can contact the G.N. Pain Clinic. Papageorgiou, making an appointment via telephone line 14741. During the patient’s visit, his complete medical file is examined to determine whether the conditions for the administration of cannabis are met. The cost of treatment is borne exclusively by the patient, since the supply of both steamer and pharmaceutical cannabis is not compensated by insurance funds. Source: