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(Title) It denounces the “T” Mr. George Smith, albeit from the wandering IKA IKA Heliopolis as the Vardar Gate and has lost valuable time trying to make an appointment through 184, eventually not only managed to get their hands on the coveted certificate, but as informed by the first available appointment is after an … months.
“To register for the municipal certificates of need from three doctors: a dentist, cardiologist and ophthalmologist. These we can get a hospital or private doctor, while the deadline is until 20 June, with a tolerance of September. However, I am unemployed and I do not afford to go to private doctors. From the child’s school, then, told me that I can get certificates from the IKA. How to know what to expect trouble, “says Smith.
As he explains, calling daily to 184 to make an appointment. From 7.30-8.30 the line is always busy, and when he manages to speak asked to called him … tomorrow.
Finally, after a race and a lot of trouble Mr. Smith managed to get their hands on a paper from the Social Security Gate Axios, the doctor who signed auditor and stating that “the period from 10 / 6 / 2010 up to 32 days (or 13/072010) no available appointments for specialty ophthalmologists in IKA Thessaloniki “.

Without doctors the same time that the suffering of people beating red and no responsibility is taking responsibility, the clinics of the Institute of Social Security risk even more depopulated. Next Tuesday, June 15 contracts expire 800 doctors, which, if not renewed on time will cause serious deficiencies and leave uncovered several surgeries, which are already suffering from staff shortages.
“Panhellenic work contracts expire 800-900 IKA doctors, of which 120-130 are related to the surgeries and the wider Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. These different disciplines, and if not renewed immediately, contracts will surely rise to serious shortcomings, which, coupled with vacancies due to retirement, are not covered, it will cause problems for service members, “explains the” T “the President Scientific Association of Medical Personnel IKA Thessaloniki – Northern Greece Savvas Paraskevopoulos.
He states that the renewal contract is stuck in the approval of the Treasury the corresponding line (any doctor contracted project takes as salary 1000-1500 euros ) and the Panhellenic Federation of Doctors pushing Social Security so that the renewal of contracts should be done as quickly as possible.
“The process for contract work requires him to leave and then renew their contracts. Renewal requires one to two months, but our goal is to reduce the maximum period in two weeks to get as few problems. Our request, however, is not there now project contracts, after the doctors leave or can not get, but be open-ended contracts, “notes Mr. Paraskevopoulos.

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