The party’s former financial director, SYRIZA, put Burlotto in SYRIZA

At the time that Koumoundourou attempts to disengage herself from the introversion in which he had come all the time, the party’s sacked director and financial manager Thymios Georgopoulos with a post yesterday (04.03.2024) “bourlot” to . The former financial director of SYRIZA with his suspension referring to the loan given by Stefanos Kasselakis to pay the workers at Christmas, said the president’s money was entered into the account after payments had already been made and the amount was returned to him. Koumundourou responded immediately by presenting writings with which it appeared that Stefanos Kasselakis had given the money before the workers were paid, while making known that the president of Syriza would appeal to justice. “They are lies and there is evidence,” said Syriza circles adding that the former financial director with his suspension exceeded all limits of lie and maliciousness, specifically note: He claimed that the money was paid by an offshore company (offshore), while well aware that OSIOS LLC is a foreign company based in Miami, Florida, USA. He argued that the company’s loan entered the Left Media AE’s account on Friday afternoon, 29/12/2023, after paying workers’ wages, while the truth is (which he knows perfectly) that 20,000€ had entered the fund on 21/12/2023 (for the payment of part of the Christmas Gift) and 210,000€ on 29/12/2023 at 09.01 a.m., with the payment of payroll to the employees starting about an hour and a half later (10.26 a.m.). SYRIZA’s executives even said that with his suspension Thymios Georgopoulos confirmed that he was behind the leaks for the main opposition leader’s company. They consider Kerameos responsible for e-mail leaks Meanwhile Interior Minister Niki Kerameos shows as responsible for the e-mail leaks used by SYRIZA Anna Michel Asimakopoulou. At yesterday’s meeting of the new Executive Office that took place without the physical presence of Stefanos Kasselakis, since, as the president of Syriza is known after the Drepano of Argolida headed for a short-day vacation in Arcadia, the party’s leading team decided to insist further on the issue of Anna Michel Asimakopoulou and the epistolic vote. Sources of Koumoundurus said it was about using elements of the Ministry of Interior. They even show as responsible Minister Niki Kerameos – who has the political responsibility for the whole story – and note, that she must give immediate answers about how the data were leaked to the Member of the South West. “The answers are due and the government should not play with words and create impressions,” said prominent members of Koumoundourou, stressing that Syriza will insist not only asking for answers from Ms. Asimakopoulou, but primarily from Mrs. Kerameos “who, as long as she is not answering and hiding, will imply that he knew about the leak of these elements. And if he didn’t know, he would have to answer who leaked this evidence.” The fight against the establishment of private universities The Executive Office has also decided by SYRIZA this week will place a great deal of emphasis on the fight against the establishment of “private universities”, as stressed by Mr. Kasselakis at the meeting, highlighting the “anti-constitutionality” of the relevant government bill in a very coordinated way in the House, but also the positive counter-protests that SYRIZA will submit for the strengthening of the public university. The meeting also discussed the issue of the Tempes tragedy, where it was decided that the truth should be sought and investigated throughout the depths and that the Maximus Mansion should give answers to all the revelations that come out in the public domain, such as “who gave the order for the bust”. Kasselakis presents Syriza’s European proposal The election period for the European elections is officially beginning next week for Syriza. Stefanos Kasselakis is expected to present the party’s integrated European proposal, and the political text on the party’s European declaration will be presented. This event will probably take place on 12 March – as on 13 it is presented to the army – and as Stefanos Kasselakis said it will mark the start of the election period for the main opposition, where SYRIZA will fight the battle coordinated. Meanwhile, the elections for County Committees and coordination of the Member States’ Organizations will normally take place this weekend. Finally, let us note that Harvard University Hospital is asking for a “stretched seal” in terms of Professor and MP who may be about Otto Iliopoulos.