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The “NO” brings the highest rates INTENTION TO VOTE OF THE CITIZENS!

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PM ELPIS HOW TO NEXT ELECTIONS CITIZENS should wake up to the democratic HOUNE Firth, AS OF THE WORTH …

Difference for PASOK in voting intentions give two new polls on Sunday newspaper account, in which unspecified ranges vote at over 20%. MARC poll gives PASOK ahead 4.6%, while the MRB poll puts the gap at 1,9%.
Specifically, the MRB poll published in the journal Real, the intention of voting breaks down as follows: PASOK 23.2%, SW 21.3%, KKE 9%, LAOS 5.6%, 3% SYRIZA, Ecologists -Greens 2.7%, 2.2% Democratic Alliance, Democratic Left 2.2% and other party 4%.

The unspecified vote in poll MRB, reaching 26.8%. The investigation is not inappropriate to unspecified voting.

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