The most touching gift of Christmas…The reaction of the children just breaks [video]

Christmas, as we do, is the most lovable festival…
On this day we should all spend it with our families.
This seems to thought, and an American naval officer, who was away from home for the last three months. The phone and Skype, communicating whenever he could, with the wife and kids, Lily and Alfie.

He knew, however, Christmas need and want to go through with them. So, went up with plenty of wrapping paper and ribbons and wait under the tree.
His wife, holding a camera which captured everything that was going on, get the kids to open their gift.
The children puzzled as well as this year their gift was a huge… began to tear the papers! When they saw that their dad is, they started to shout from joy and fell with the power in his arms. Yes, the little girl was moved while he was talking to himself “dad is back”!