The most rare icon of the Extreme Humility of Christ, in the Church of our lady of Μηλιώτισσας

Kyriakos ΔιαμαντόπουλουΔέος thrill and magnificence in the Sequence of the Bridegroom, the Holy Church of the Nativity of the… Virgin mary, or that, in the Church of “our lady of Μηλιώτισσας”, in Tree and Almopia to the South. Pella.
Dozens of people of all ages, flocked to the Temple to live, those dramatic events from the earthly life of Christ.
On a colt of a donkey was the triumphal entry of Jesus with the palm and branches into Jerusalem. Celebrating and Shouting Of Hosanna in the highest blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
These events the books of our Church, our details inside of the hymns of the days of the events.
At the time of the sequence I noticed some of the glances of believers, who were talking by themselves, she wondered why Christ sustained such injustice… automatically, however, comes only of the answer… to show us his Love and, more importantly, to defeat death by His Resurrection.
“Behold the Bridegroom comes” and “The nuptial Chamber, I see,” say the two most well-known hymns of the day…
The photos you see below with the icon of the Extreme Humility of Christ represent to the fullest the words of the hymns that I mentioned before…
The following Image of the Lord, has something special… the features of the person of Christ is unique! There is no other picture in the world!
The image was moved in 1922 with the exchange of populations, from the Ελμαλούκ. Nicomedia, as the image of the Virgin of Μηλιώτισσας, “our lady of Ευτεκνίας”.
The archaeologists would date the picture about the iconoclasm.
The believers have the Blessing to venerate the icon of the Extreme Humility only every holy Week, from Palm Sunday until the evening of holy Wednesday.

The Miraculous Image of our lady of Μηλιώτισσας
During the sequence, there was a litany of the icon of Christ in the village of Milia.