THE MIGHTY MICRO electronic cigarette at a UNIQUE price only for you – Get it now…

It is made to be small, elegant, discreet and yet very strong? It’s done! Can operate as a normal electronic cigarette, and for cloud chasing you? Can! The Alter eGo A7 is coming to answer…
all the requirements of a vaper and become the ideal choice for every smoker who wants to pass in the world of electronic cigarette!

With a super strong and efficient battery 1100mAh and with a choice of heads to 1,0 or 0,5 Ohm, with the function of a pass-through and with a light battery indicator and of course with a gorgeous design in a small size… came to do it all, steam!!! And very, very rich indeed! The new undisputed leader in the electronic cigarette is here! Enjoy the Alter eGo A7!

In 2 colors: silver and black.

The special offer for the readers of is valid until 31/12/2015 and is exclusive to online purchases. Not valid for purchases from the shops or by phone.

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