The meeting of Mitsotakis with institutions of Thessaly in Maximos – will follow with farmers

At this time, the Prime Minister meets the representatives of the institutions of Thessaly at Maximos Palace , while at 12.30, his t-a-tet and . A and B grade said that the Dutch master plan exceeds 400 pages and is the first holistic approach to the problem of water resources in Thessaly and to infrastructure projects and the impact this will have on agricultural production and the primary sector. He even noted that over 40 specialties worked on this plan and dedicated over 15,000 hours to radiographing the affected areas and the work was done in the field rather than in an office. “I would like today’s meeting to be the first opportunity to present the conclusions of the study which we need to see through the light of the scientific character said by Kyriakos Mitsotakis and added that it is not established but gives directions and how it can be the road map to have the best possible cooperation of government and local government to make a drastic intervention in the problems of Thessaly. Especially with regard to underground water resources, the Prime Minister said Daniel should not have come to understand that they are going to be exhausted but stressed that this does not mean that tomorrow we will abandon cotton. “We will not only focus on this dimension and this is not the case but we must all take our responsibilities so that the damage is irreversible.” Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ meeting with the farmers of Thessaly at 12.30 who have suffered very major disasters since the floods of the bad weather Daniel, is the second, but the first after the rally in Athens, where tractors reached the Constitution. At the heart of the discussions are all the issues relating to the floods, but also the compensation to the affected producers.

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