The major challenges of enterprises in Thrace

The challenges facing Eastern Macedonia – Thrace have been highlighted by the BSE delegation who visited the region. The need for an active improvement of infrastructure, especially in connection with trans-European transport networks, to meet human resources needs, to further strengthen businesses under the Development Act, to operate customs with less bureaucracy and energy costs, affecting the competitiveness of businesses, were highlighted as priority issues in these discussions. As part of the three-day visit of BSE (28.2 – 1.3.2024), an event was organized in Alexandroupoli for businesses and operators. The Secretary General for the Restoration of Natural Disasters and State Aid Mr. Petros Kampouris intervened about the State’s plan to restore the damage caused by the summer fires in Evros and the Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace Mr. Christodoulos Topsidis. Industry offers a large number of good jobs, but also good wages in Eastern Macedonia – Thrace. The SEV delegation, led by the President of the Executive Committee Mr. Efthymios O. Vidali, also made visits to factory and business members, where he guided the modern production units and discussed ways to enhance their competitiveness. An important point in the discussions was the request to implement the conclusions of the Inter-party Parliamentary Committee on the Development of Thrace, for the formulation of which BSE had submitted proposals in cooperation with BSE. SEV informed businesses of the actions it implements in support of its members, such as Skills4Jobs, which draws up young people and young people in technical skills that businesses need. Cooperation with business members was also stressed in drawing up proposals and submitting their demands for critical issues, such as bilateral trade in the context of the modernisation of the EU Customs Union Agreement. – Turkey and the customs issues facing its export business members. Following the completion of the visit, Mr. Vidalis pointed out that “the meetings with businesses in the Region and especially in an uncritical region such as East Macedonia and Thrace, are of major importance to BSE, as is the effective representation of local businesses in central administration. With regular visits to the District, BSE seeks to be as close to its members as possible, to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face and the ways that BSE can help their efforts to benefit local society and economy.” Work meetings took place in the companies: Missirian, RAYCAP, COCOMAT, PHARMATHEN, JT INTERNATIONAL, WONDERPLANT AND GROUP TRACING PLASTICS.