The last call of the ambassador and the enigmatic confession

Emotional, submission, and psychological pressure from the evil Brazilian wife was the …
a key mechanism to force the hand of the 29χρονου military police officer who savagely murdered the Greek ambassador in Brazil. At the same time that the perpetrator covers his mistress and describes ecstatic at the Beginning of the unbridled sex with her, even when Kyriakos Αμοιρίδης was sleeping in the next room, the cousin and his accomplice “gives” the Francois Αμοιρίδη that paid them 24.400 euros to kill her husband, while international MEDIA involving the unfortunate diplomat in the scandal of Benghazi in 2012.
The only man who in life was loved and he loved Kyriakos Αμοιρίδης was the 95χρονη mother, who lives in Northern Greece, which enjoys the best of health. She grew up and took care of her only child, who in just four years he lost his father from an incurable disease, and while he was at the age of 40 years. The ambassador had other relatives, with the exception of his first cousin, the daughter of a former rector of the Aristotle University, but a few years ago died from pathological causes.
The last time I made contact by phone with the Βεροιώτισσα mother was on the eve of Christmas.
The secret
And yet, he kept as a closely-guarded secret from the 95χρονη mother of the existence of the 11χρονης his daughter, and despite the grief that he felt at that, since until then, I… was blessed to shake in her arms the child of her child, who so much longed for, and especially as the years went by, and after the wreck that he met the first of the six-year-old marriage with Byzantium.
The only son of the but he had a reason, since he knew that the daughter of the Brazilian was not his biological child, and despite the fact that both the little girl and her mother had traveled to Athens and stayed for a few days in the apartment of the third floor in the Hive, a house that he inherited many years ago from an aunt. In fact, in the wall of the front door of the building in a sign of respect, even today, the bell is the surname of divine, that is not the replaced on it’s own.

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