The knockout AXIAL TOMOGRAFOS even before she started at the Hospital of Katerini!

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    Image by Cornell University Library

    (Title) Not a scan had not had time to pull out a brand new hospital in the new axial Katerini deactivated. Yesterday, the Administration waited for the third so far attempted in the supplying company, the Siemens-correct the damage.

    After the rush, before exactly a year (September 2009), opening of new hospital Katerini and the exposure of prematurely assembled and established a hotel and medical (worth 17 million) of equipment in the eyes of visitors and the flash of cameras, and had … the deplorable incident. Which, although limited to the gariasma-hung windows of stores patient-curtain, it would certainly question. Words, even severe, is because the dust, moisture and disuse, these twelve months the hospital has become aleitourgito, disrupt the use of modern CT scanner and pulled knockout.

    According to the Governor Hospital, Farmakis Stergios, the trial operation of the CT scanner, prior to moving to new premises, was a success. But when the first patient took place in the machine, it did … bam and fell silent.
    It is now 10 days since the launch of the new County Hospital and the CT remained inoperative since the Siemens (80% of ATMs the new hospital is of Siemens) also failed to repair.

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