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The island of Crete to absorb $ 1.5 billion in the current Programming Period

The cooperation of self-Government, operators, service and support of the Government, asked the Governor in order to become feasible the goal of the Crete to absorb…
$ 1.5 billion in the current Programming Period
With the cooperation of agencies, organizations and the support of the Government it is perfectly possible to aim to absorb the Crete in the current Programming Period, eur 1.5 billion from all funding sources for important infrastructure projects on the island. This stressed the regional Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis, during an information event at the Atlantis hotel in Heraklion for the implementation of the E.E. CRETE 2014-2020, organized by the Managing Authority of Region of Crete. In parallel, the Regional director, thanking for the good cooperation of Authorities, entities, services, Research, Educational Institutions pointed out that of the 430 ec. euro, which is entitled the island of Crete by the new NSRF, so far, have specialized projects of a budget of 277 million. euro.
In today’s informative event was attended by mayors, the President of the Regional Council, Αντιπεριφερειάρχες, Regional, Municipal councilors, representatives of Research and Educational Institutions, the productive classes, operators, staff etc.
In particular, in his statements to journalists the Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis, said: “we Inform you today the actors for the course of the Regional Programme and the new calls which will be announced in the next period of time. What we stress from the first day, needed synergy, cooperation of all actors, it takes the right preparation, to listen to the experts. We in the Region, we specify up to today about 277 million. eur 430 available, our ambition is to be completed by the end of the time integrations in approximately 100 projects and we have and from the Ministry of Rural Development 35%-37% of the programme from the new year there will be the calls and to submit to the operators of the projects, a power that will implement most of the Region of Crete. So it needs regular update and careful reading of the calls, when made public” and added: “it’s entirely possible the bar that we put in to absorb the Crete 1.5 billion, because we have the 430 ec. euros of which there are 150 ec. euro from the management of solid waste, more than 1 billion for the SCHEME with the proposal that we have submitted and has been approved by the interministerial. We have other projects in the sectoral programs of the Ministries of so 1.5 billion I think we can get through the next few years, with the cooperation of the authority”.
The regional Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis in response to a question on delay in the tendering of projects has been caused by the relevant law replied that, “no work will not be lost, there will be a delay of six months from the time that we were not able to auction off by the end of the Summer, not our responsibility. The negative of course is that we waste time a semester due to law, but we are prepared with our services to deal with the situation”.
From the side of the head of Intermediate Managing Authority of Region of Crete Maria Kassotaki stressed that the new calls that will go out the next time will involve projects in the fields of culture, environment and water management:
“The new invitations that I get, and have been approved since the last monitoring committee in October in Rethymnon, relate to the field of culture, the invitations for the completion of the museums of Crete as well as the highlighting of the monuments. The second area is the environment and water management, the improvement and upgrade of systems of water supply networks and all of those have to do with the supply of the citizens with water of good quality. In addition, they have to do and other issues concerning water management that have emerged from the draft river basin management which is now the Region of us. A third group has to do with the biodiversity and habitat restoration. Also issues that have to do with road safety in the provincial network, these are the most key challenges for the immediate future, because invitations are coming out in phases. The projects ready for tender is eur 65 million. euro, but because of the relevant law there are delays”.

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