The international footballer Verona’s Vangelis Μόρας, spoke for all…

The international football player of Verona, Vangelis Μόρας, spoke to ΣπορFM 94,6 and Sotiris Snuff,…
-the first event of the association “Save Moras” for the δωρισμό bone marrow in Larissa:
“It was the presentation of the association. There are many people who want to help. Slowly we get to work. Our goal is simply to do something to inform the world. That the procedure doesn’t hurt and can’t create problem to the person who will do the procedure. And we’ve been there and experienced it. We know what it means to do a transplant. The event went very well. We had a message we wanted in a very good way and clear. We understand what it means to be a donor of bone marrow. The day of the event were 80 people donors”.
-the process required for someone to become δωριτής:
“It complements a paper and do a procedure with the saliva with a cotton swab. If you’re a compatible donor and to choose, then after you pass the exam proceeds with the process. It’s just small chances to find compatibility. And for this reason you will need to find as many as possible people. After a few days of doing a procedure with injections, it becomes the transplant. Συνδέεσε with a machine for five hours and give stem cells”.
-if there is a response:
“This is clearly due to the update. If done correctly then it will be greater. It is difficult these days and it is difficult to bring the Greek closer. Unfortunately with everything going away. Of course, she has proven that when needed then it helps. Years now try the responsible to help. Together, and with other clubs we are trying to be something we do. Mainly to inform you that the process is simple”.
-if he wants to continue in Verona:
“My goal is to stay there. I’m fine and I’m not going to go. There is a willingness from all of us. Thinking about it only to finish the year well. We’re in last place, but I believe that we can make it. I hope you will soon start to take points. To do a round of as good as the last few years. You don’t have to change players. So we have not forgotten to play. Has not changed the mentality of the team. Simply the team didn’t start well. We had injuries . A team like Verona can’t fill the gap of 4-5 key players. It was logical after such a round to change your coach. I will try to stay there. I don’t know what’s going to happen, of course. But my goal is to stay. If you don’t agree then I’ll try something else. Have I told you how I would like an experience somewhere else”.
– career:
“My goal is to play for another three years. I think that is normal in our days, playing a player at such a young age”.
-the national team:
“That’s behind it all. Will look from March if there was a mood to change the situation. That doesn’t mean that this only happens with the results. Just then you will get the good results faster. There have been many changes abruptly. This closed group was the one that brought results. So you need to be again. We are about to go on the Highway we waited for our turn. We had a good season but he didn’t come to the call. We were just waiting for our turn. Hoping that will come.”