The inspired message of Keanu Reeves on Facebook

The mother of a friend of mine ate healthy throughout her life. He never drank alcohol, never ate junk food, exercising every…
day, he was very energetic and was taking all the food supplements of the recommended the doctor.
He never sunbathe without sunscreen, and if he was ever in the sun, it would have been for some time. In general, take very special care of the health of the. Today, he is 76 years old. Has skin cancer, cancer of the bone marrow and οστεροπόρωση.
My friend’s father eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on butter, fat on fat, never, ever works out, gently sizzling in the sun every day without wearing sunscreen. He lives his life to extremes. Today he’s 81 years old and the doctor says his health is like a little boy.
No one can hide from this poison. Is out there and will find you. So, in the words of the mother of my friend: “If I knew that my life would end this way, I would have lived it to the fullest, enjoying all those things that are forbidden!
None of us will stay alive forever, so please stop treating yourself thinking of the future. Eat delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Dive into the ocean. Tell the truth that you hold special in your heart like a hidden treasure. Be so foolish. Please be polite. Act weird. There’s not enough time for anything else”.