The influence of WiFi on the health of our child…

    It has been already almost 15 years since the first time…
    the Pentium 586 landed in my childhood room and with a craving when I got home I lit the US Robotics 56k for to hear the melody of the call so that the telephone line to fire, and to surf the web…
    Over the years, the totally unmanagedmodem got on the laptop, then came back out and it was connected via USB because it was broadband, then they LAN ports and then — then the absolute freedom… WiFi!
    The WiFi is a technology that today is a must, it’s a rule, especially with the spread of smartphonesθα’d think it’s not possible to go home, to go for coffee, to stay in a hotel and don’t have wireless access to the internet.

    Lately, however, have begun a number of concerns surrounding the emission of modemrouter, I wonder if the WiFi is dangerous for our health? And much less of our children?
    With a quick internet search one can discover a lot of opinions on this matter, good and bad, but let’s see the documented. According to a survey conducted in schools by the Public Health England findings have shown that there is no evidence to prove that the WiFi affects the health of our child. This is because of the very low power of the devices based on regulatory standards should emit up to 100 milliwatts (mW). At the same time, making use of the WiFi on the laptop and with measurements taken at 0.5 m and above, the results were reassuring, as well as the transmit power was at 5% – 20% of the allowable value. An additional study on the measurement of the absorption of radiation, showed that the highest SAR value measured was 5.7 mWkg-in-1. This value is about 1% of the SAR is measured with the use of a mobile phone when the child holds the device in his ear.
    Well all this house and the place, will you tell me, but what can I do?
    Although the proof that the radiation that we receive is not harmful it has been documented and has been published officially, that doesn’t mean we have to be careful our devices and how we use it.
    1) For starters, we take care of the device that’s going to take to be certified, this means that the least acceptable specification that must be entered on the device is “FCC”.
    2) take Care to make frequencies in our device, this means you have to regulate the emission of up to 100mW but, if you don’t mind working WiFi all over the house, why not turn down the power?
    3) Can the transmission power of the router may not be harmful, but that doesn’t mean you have to sleep with the device next to the head. It is advisable, therefore, to set the device to enter a shared space and not the space in which we sleep, or very close, less than 1m.
    4) If you have doubts about the broadcast of your router, when you are not using the WiFi turn off the device completely. If you ask the γείνοτας why you turn it off, change a password, the more likely it is that when you open it to use it too!

    The non-scientific view, however, and the one that prevails in the technological cycle is that exposure to a device may not be harmful, constant exposure, however, in many devices (WiFi, WiFi neighbors, mobile phone, tv, wireless phone) possibly in a few years to prove that it is harmful. We do this that we recommend is the use of technology in moderation, besides, that’s got to be a way of life!