The INCREDIBLE story of the …garden of the rocks [photos]

The “garden of the rocks” of Chandigarh, in India, is an area of 160 acres full of…
plazas, waterfalls and thousands of unique figures made from recycled materials. It’s an impressive sight, but equally impressive is the history of the creation, after the manufacturer, Nek Chand worked on this project for decades keeping it a secret!
In 1958, Nek Chand was superintendent of roads for the ministry of public works and in parallel was building boats and canoes for the arti created artificial lake Sukhna, but when the authorities began to have respectively craft the work stopped. This gave the Nek the νευκαιρία to deal with his passion for collecting stones! He began collecting rocks and stones from the side of hills and rivers. It was the time that the famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier, undertook to design the city of Chandigarh, the first ex nihilo created city in India, and the villages in the area were demolished. The fact that he gave Nek Chand a variety of materials for the collection.
In 1965, after he had collected impressive amounts of materials, the Nek began to dream of creating a magical kingdom solely of one’s own. Detected an isolated canyon in the forest and began to create his magic kingdom. When τελέιωνε his job, lost for hours in the woods to create his dream. The Nek was afraid that the activity will cost him his job and continued to work in secret, is extending “garden of rocks” more and more each day.
Finally found the courage to reveal to an assistant of Le Corbusier creation. He recommended to continue working undercover, but he tried and in the end managed to convince the authorities that the creation of the Nek-deserved attention and their help. The project I was admitted and granted yes the Neck other 20 acres. In 1976, the park opened its gates to the public and the Nek ςυνέχισε working on that, until just a few years ago.
Today, it is estimated that 5,000 people from all over India and abroad come to see the Rock Nek Chand Garden, every day. The second most popular attraction in the country, after the Taj Mahal. Not bad for an amateur effort by a single man!