The impressive start of the “X-Files” and “Lucifer”

This week is the week of the supernatural, but also of the Fox, as…
for the video what is happening on the other end of the Atlantic. And that’s why they did the premiere on the american channel two of the long-awaited series of the season: the mini series “X-Files” is back on the small screen after 14 years and the… αθεόφοβο “Lucifer,” which tells the story of Lucifer who decided to ascend to earth to do indefinitely on vacation.
With regard to the “X-Files”, the return was truly magnificent. The premiere of the last Sunday attracted 16.2 million viewers (live viewing and viewing in the day) – a performance that approached the equivalent of the old times (the maximum average ratings occurred in the fifth season at 19.8 million. viewers, while the last, the ninth landed in the 9.1 million). The second episode that aired on the normal day and time display which has secured the mini-series (Saturday at 20.00) has garnered 9.7 million viewers, a number that is marked satisfactory by several american media.
This especially large gap in performance between the two episodes is due to the “dowry” that was the first, followed by the premiere of the NFC (championship american football), which attracted 45 million. viewers. Be that as it may, if the numbers continue to be strong, it is not excluded that the order to acquire more episodes.
From the side, the δευτεριάτικο episode with the adventures of Mulder and Scully gave a good pass to the “Lucifer”, which made the premiere of with the best omens. The first episode of the series attracted 7.2 million. viewers – not bad, considering that antagonized shows (“the Bachelor” on ABC and “Scorpion” the CBS) that have been established in this zone (Monday at 21.00), managing to win in the category of 18-49 years of age. Yes, between the rows of Fox that have premiered this season, the “Lucifer” shares with the “Rosewood” the place with the highest ratings. Angel new for the lord of the underworld…