The History and Development of Computer and Video Games

For my APUSH class last year, due to budget cuts shortening the school year, our teacher decided that in lieu of starting an additional whole unit (not enough time) or doing nothing for the rest of the year (because that would be stupid), we were to do presentations on ANYTHING between the 1950s and the present day. My project? The history and development of computer and video games. Aw yeah. The presentation itself actually went over rather well, buffered at the beginning by this video compilation I made of a natural progression of historical landmarks and other famous points in video/computer game history. Now, I was allowed to make this video as long as it didn’t go TOO long. As it was, this just-over-two-minutes video was just right, so please do not: 1. Whine about which games were showcased, 2. Say that X game should have been in – I in many cases could not produce or find clips to showcase and I am well aware of what COULD have been included, or 3. Call me lazy. Why? This video actually took me a while to do – I know it’s not that complicated visually, but the process included me choosing a game, finding an emulation or close remake, setting up the parameters for HyperCam, playing until it looked good to showcase, cut the clips, and set them together. Plus I did it while out of town, so…yeah. =) Enjoy…and here is the disclaimer for the copyrights in chronological order (starting with the song played) so I don’t get sued: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate