“The government is implementing the 3rd Memorandum and in Health, it shrinks Public Services”

    Read the announcement: “The government is implementing the 3rd Memorandum and in Health, shrinks the Public ΥπηρεσίεςΣύμφωνα with recent epidemiological data from the CDC, our country is in a state of increased activity of influenza virus A (H1N1). Until now they have recorded 40 serious cases of influenza hospitalisation in the ICU, and 5 confirmed deaths. However, the waiting list of patients waiting for a bed in the ICU increases this period dramatically.
    The free beds in Intensive care Units are scarce, and to be found, outside of luck, it takes a lot of times and “above” intervention.
    And while a daily close beds in the ICU, at the same time there are 200 beds ready for operation, but which remain closed due to lack of staff.
    Due to the closed bed, cases that should be hospitalized in the intensive care unit are intubated-in chambers with a simple clinical. A consequence of all these human lives are lost.
    Forgotten quickly, and even the announcements by the Prime minister in April 2015 for 4500 recruiters in the field of Health, of which 500 would be for staff to open the closed beds in the Public ICU.
    The ministry of Health, instead of to carry out the necessary recruitment of permanent staff, in order to operate the closed ICU and public hospitals, provide a reconciliation between EOPYY and the panhellenic association of private clinics to hire 40 additional beds in private ICU.
    The government, therefore, is in agreement with the Κλινικάρχες and include it in the public system in addition to 40 beds from the Private Hospitals. This way goes to “hot” money to the private Health sector of the contributions paid by the employees and pensioners in the funds.
    With the decision to take the “fillet” of METH from the Public Health system and the grant to private individuals.
    The government implements the directions of the 3rd Memorandum on the Health, requiring the contraction of Public Services, the reduction of personnel and the delegation of services to private individuals.
    The government of SYRIZA-ANEL moves once again by copying the practices of the coalition of ND-PASOK.
    The Popular Unity strongly condemns actions that aim to affect even more the Public Health.
    We demand the immediate staffing of public hospitals with permanent medical and nursing staff.
    The Coordinating Committee for LA.E-Health-Providence, Attica”