The Facebook solved a mystery that had scientists six months!

    The Facebook has provided the solution to one of the biggest questions of…
    archaeologists, after users have given hundreds of answers, including the… correct!
    The shiny gold object that he found a worker buried in a old building, in a cemetery of Tel Aviv, in Israel, she fought for six months, the most “brilliant minds” of the Archaeological Institute of the country, who could not decide what it is about. Amir Ganor, representative of the Institute, said on american network NBC news that this is the first time in his life that he sees something similar and argued that the cemetery of Tel Aviv is an area with important and valuable items from the roman and byzantine era as well as from the period of the Crusaders.
    The object looks like a rolling pin for dough or with a pin with two handles and rings in the middle, it is solid gold 24-carat gold and the value of the amounts to 200,000 euro.
    Finally the solution was given by the most popular means of social networking. The answers given were hundreds of them. A user has reported that this is the body fertilization of bovine animals, other said that it is a clock and someone claimed that this is the body for massage.
    The true identity of the strange object discovered by the Italian user Micah Barak. This is not ancient artifact, but for a “energy bar” that sells online a German company and is aimed at people who are dealing with energy healing. The object is sold with the name “Isis beamer” from the name of the Egyptian goddess Isis, who was the goddess of Medicine, Magic and Nature.