The Europeans will impose new measures without Eurogroup! What is the informal agreement that will be implemented in Greece?

    Given that the additional measures 3.6 billion. have been discussed, have been presented…
    the Greek government, although there is no agreement with the lenders, all indications are that the only thing left is the agreement about how and when they will be imposed.
    Around pick up tons, but at the same time, it continues the battle for the conduct of the Eurogroup, which will pave the way for the agreement. At the same time critical is considered to be the current, new communication of Alexis Tsipras with the Imf. Tusk to hold a Summit.
    “ The Imf. Tusk has asked the A. Tsipras to wait 24 hours before submitting the request for convening of a Summit of member countries of the Euro area, in order to act the same in the direction for the meeting of the Eurogroup,” said the briefing note, however, awaits with great interest today’s announcement from the side of the president of the Eurogroup, in a statement for the convergence council of finance ministers of the euro area .
    “ We need more time to work together with the Institutions and the Greek government,” said Jeroen Dijsselbloem, putting ice in an immediate convening of the Eurogroup and at the same time the French minister of Economics cleared out the Greek government, supporting the IMF and said: “we do Not require obviously the Greece to change the Constitution. We found a street in accordance with the legal system which allows to give more credibility to the commitments of the Greek government”.
    So the european side, in spite of the statements of Z.K. Juncker looks like it wants to shut down the eurogorup and the issue of preventive measures.