“The Eurobonds will become reality”


    The finance minister of Italy Giulio trembling, said that the need to create a government in Europe’s single currency.

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    www.facebook.com www.coasttocoastam.com Economy Update First hour guest, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the debt ceiling problem, as well as the rise in gold prices. America’s debt ceiling is related to how citizens’ social security contributions have gone to fund investments and paying on the deficit, and now that more people are retiring and wanting their payouts, the money isn’t available to use for this financing, she explained. While gold is high right now, silver has the potential to outperform it, she noted. However, silver’s value tends to be much more volatile than gold, she added. News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, Stan Deyo Website (s): facebook.com / pages / Ken-Gerhard-Cryptozoologist solari.com Book (s): Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters Monsters of Texas Video Rating: 5 / 5


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