“The earthquake in the Dardanelles harbinger for big hit in Istanbul,” says Seismologists

The one that occurred on Monday evening (4,03,2024) in Darvanelia has caused great concern for Istanbul. Forecasts for a major earthquake in the region of Istanbul continue. Seismologists even say that yesterday’s vibration is a harbinger of the great earthquake waiting in Istanbul. Seismologist Suleiman Pabal, as SKAI broadcast, said: “Our region is concerned; an earthquake that will be greater than 7 Richter, south of Marmara or in the breach of Anatolia, will be an earthquake that will affect the entire region of Constantinople, Prussa, Dardanella etc.” For his part, Seismologist Hussein Ozturk noted: “From now on every earthquake is a harbinger of the great earthquake we expect in Istanbul. This small earthquake slowly breaks the faults and leads to major earthquakes. Like it’s a preparation. It opens the big breach that will be caused. These earthquakes are the signs of the great earthquake.” The earthquake was magnitude 4.9 Richter occurred Monday night (04/03/2024) in the Genitze region, in Dardanelia in northwestern Turkey.