The Dutch bank ING is seeking partnerships with FinTech Startups

The CEO of the Dutch bank ING, Ralph Hamers, recently revealed that he’s working with…
45 FinTech Startups to develop and present a range of innovative products and technologies.
Within these are seven Startups that are working on technological products in the ING FinTech Village in Belgium and four in the Innovation Studio of ING in the Netherlands, which accepts applications for new memberships for 15 days.
All of these moves are made in the context of the strategy of Think-Forward, which include further investments in closed-proprietary technologies and partnerships with FinTech Startups in the areas of payments, personal finance management, loans and “mobile” applications.
In the first quarter of 2016 ING presented a robo adviser with a view to help customers in France make the best investments, the Netherlands is working on new products in finance and Marketing while he developed even more services on the platform digital banking for enterprises, InsideBusiness.
Finally, we should mention that the ING Bank in the first quarter of 2016 expanded its deposits by 8.8 billion. Euro and loans in kara 7,1 billion. million. Euro.