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Om Mani Padme Hum Politics
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There is a generation today 30arides, which tends to lose literally, having crushed not only from the rapid development, but also by their speed. It is the generation that did not have time to think, unable to plan and, more importantly, he did not assimilate the vast experience of events announced special important as the war and ultimately the dismantling of Yugoslavia.

Is generation that was unapproachable by policy initiatives, for reasons that do not fit in this column, watered with illusions and errors, very well trained, but one-dimensional specialist.

Now fill the sidewalks with the imprint of the unemployed contractor . Unable to touch with parents slaughtered rights and maligned as ensconced or lamogia. The 30 + generation is embarrassed disappointed. He stayed in survival suddenly stopped and had the illusion of the conqueror’s life. Naked by ideology, with weights habits, such as relatively easy to use, sometimes aggregated graduate, but no poet or songwriter able to express their yearning and suffering the era, that golden age in every society juvenileness “render wise” rulers violently taught to believe that “natural” bosses, heads, plugs, circles, acquaintances and friends rarely, colleagues, comrades.

lived a war in the neighborhood and was told that it would hurt the house. Pollin TV and saw until chothei well on most spacious Internet became used to exchange messages on the spilled blood, bored words like imperialism, to adapt to volunteer to enrich the curriculum. It is today considered as possible Triantaros permanence that ghastly hybrid of Andreas Papandreou slogan “no war” and became glossy petty, almost consciously aftoefnouchismeni the high throws the mind and collective consciousness. Hired immigrants and then began to fear … investment. Xakristike to suburbs traveled with cards and lost city and the home.

Now unarmed against the war came home and soul, has no time to understand what living in a nightmare of treats him with pills or those who flee and peers escaped from the “iron” them as enemies. Proletarianised quickly hates the working class, as if they were not aware, but the destination. I would do anything to stay in the foam as upper class and race … seasonal. It is capable of better and for worse. Afraid even to engage in common goals, syntiritikopoieitai a borrowed vocabulary downhill and tries to live a plain life with dilemmas that can not answer even though he knows that it is artificial.

This generation of abstinence, … Internet initiative, however, is known when the deal with the 50s and holding 60arides bourgeois is dough without yeast. If you do not build now gets tough, if we fail to convince them to put in the coffers of popular games and knows what may, I fear we will not have to deal with political rather than lamenting over ten years. Unleavened fermented there.

PS: The slogan on the wall sums up: “Do not you put sugar on shit. You will be jam

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