The donation from the eu.E.I Κατερινής and the association “SUPPORT”

The commendable each side the initiative of the inspectorate of donation of an Outbreak of Pierides Muses of Katerini and of the Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of Disabled guests Pieria “SUPPORT” for the collection of blood and a sample of bone marrow, was held on Thursday, 10 December 2015 at the Urban School of Katerini…
Even with a significant participation Πιεριέων who have shown in practice their sensitivity to the voluntary giving of blood and bone marrow, as necessary, necessary and useful to the society as a whole.
The initiative was coordinated by the ephorate of blood donation.E.M. Katerini, headed by the curator Katerina Iordanidou, and by terms “SUPPORT” the president’s Agriculture Κατσαλή as well as members of the association.
The procedure of blood sampling that was carried out with the cooperation of the General Hospital of Katerini, edited by the deputy director collection of the foundation, doctor Zana Φιλίπποβιτς with their partners, while informing, recording and taking a sample of bone marrow volunteer George Kapetanakis.
In the otherwise cold from lack of heating room of the Urban School of Katerini… warm but by participation of citizens-volunteers, guests had the opportunity to admire the paintings with the agenda the supply of blood which they prepared and presented by the students of the junior and senior high schools of Himachal pradesh. The next time of these projects will be selected for the project that will become the logo of the inspectorate of donation of an Outbreak of Pierides Muses Katerini.
Finally, the organizers thank the public, the General Hospital of Katerini, the citizens who responded to the call, the ladies of the choir.E.M. but the store Oliver’s pub for the offer of food and coffee, the ephorate of photography of the Outbreak for the cover of the initiative and the Urban School of Katerini for the hospitality.