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House in session. May 1911 (LOC) Politics
Image by The Library of Congress

(Title) give and take the summer meetings of directors of the Left ahead of self-administration elections. And not only is the process of intergroups, relating to selecting a candidate for the central municipality, where partisan officials give the “present”. Only in the last fifteen days in Greece were contacts between delegations TIME SYRIZA, the Democratic Left, and environmentalists Greens on the search for a common course in the central municipality and the Region of Central Macedonia. Why this great mobility? Because there are many dilemmas …

The main municipality of the landscape is still very cloudy. In TIME say that the history of intergroups interests and that both have reached two denial: “No” to PASOK and ‘no’ to Boutaris. Beyond all scenarios remain open: to support a person mutually acceptable to get through intergroups to stand Triantafyllos Mitafidis or have a third option that meets partners SYRIZA-person even wanted.

The Democratic Left scenario Boutaris support is there. As an experienced party officials said, the fact that among the first co-founders of the Democratic Left is one of the leading traffic Boutari (mean Andrew Kourakis) is something that can not be ignored. Like the fact that the platform of the Initiative appears to agree with the spirit of the central decision of the Democratic Left aftodioikitikes elections. Furthermore, there is the view that the policy proposal could also be different. In short, the Democratic Left winks in Boutari, but looks to and Ecologists – Greens is a strategic partner of the party. If these two will marry, is a question mark as to the nomenclature merges and Michael Tremopoulos (photo), which could be a proposal for both the municipality of Thessaloniki and the Region of Central Macedonia.

For the Region of Central Macedonia scenario triple alliance between TIME SYRIZA – Democratic Left and the Greens Green appears to be strong. Here, however, the ‘life however, that the name may be blocked. Besides Mr. Tremopoulou falls on the table and the name of Mina Xirotyri a proposal which may react portion of the “Left Power. But as said officer of the Democratic Left, “when you leave your house, the quarrels are forgotten more easily. Time will tell if he is right …


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