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The diet that protects your bones

It has proven benefits for the heart, brain and kidneys, and acts as a safeguard against various forms of cancer, the…
depression and autoimmune diseases.
Now, a new scientific study comes to add to the already long list of increased protection of the bones and the reduced risk of fracture.

According to the new findings published in the inspection of JAMA Internal Medicine, the mediterranean diet is associated with lower risk of fractures, at least in the female population.
The study was based on data from the survey of Women’s Health Initiative, which included three clinical studies and one observational study that was started in 1991 by the American Institutes of health (NIH) with the aim of assessing the health problems of women after the menopause. The items were more than 90,000 healthy women from the USA aged 51-79 years of age and covering a period of 16 years. The researchers evaluated their dietary habits and bone health, taking into account the number of hip fractures recorded during the 16ετία.
Recorded a total of 2.121 incidents of hip fracture. By studying the diagnoses based on the eating habits, the researchers found that women who followed strictly the dictates of the mediterranean diet was these which were less to fracture.
The mediterranean diet is a healthy and well balanced plan that is based mainly on the consumption of fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on fish and nutritious olive oil.

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