The Washington-Bryan Combination Picture Politics
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(Title) effectively combating tax evasion and contribution evasion and drastic reduction of inflation sets the priorities for change in economic policy of the Democratic Left.

It the Republican Left of communication make it a priority for the systematic and effective combat tax evasion, informal contribution evasion, so as to significantly increase the revenue of the government stating that it should be “not a new indirect taxes that would further feed the injustices the tax system “.

Also emphasizes the need for drastic reduction of inflation, which has more than tripled.
Referring to today’s announcements of the Minister of Finance highlighted the following:” reiterate once again the same commitments to public revenues set forth constantly from the beginning of the season, but respected. There has been no explanation, nor have they taken responsibility for the causes of severe delays and inability to combat fraud.

As regards inflation, the government and representatives of the EU-ECB-IMF chose the fatalistic attitude of inaction. Not to suggest anything other than wait. This policy will pay a multiple crisis and unfair to pensioners, workers and weaker sections. And with the cuts and inflation. The society requires a fair distribution of burdens of the crisis and democratic way out of it “.

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Garfield-Arthur-Hancock-English Snuff Box, ca. 1880 Politics
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Prohibition Party Campaign Card, ca. 1904 Politics
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