The debt of us did. Some more than others. And then, what?

    Writes Theophilus Κωτσίδης
    Over this year’s commemoration of the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus…
    The debt of us did. Some more than others.
    Others in trouble and others in a way.
    The fund, however, each year is less.
    Events anxiety about whether it will fill a hall or a square.
    But some continue to not understand for the tragic situation into which it has fallen, the Pontic space with their own huge responsibility. And continue to work the same way. Some ηγετίσκοι, some “founders” and some πατερουλήδες. Like they belong to something…
    The Presidents of the “square”. After each event memory make him account for how the world was today, and if it went well the event.
    It is those who remain speechless and lie when you ask them what exactly we have achieved for the Internationalization and International Recognition and Condemnation of the Genocide of Greeks of Pontus.
    Only occasionally we take advantage of some situations.
    Now is the time, this space to move forward in substantive and structural changes. With new faces and new ideas, new acts. Free from weights and mentalities of the past.
    At least young people still have a lot to split between them!
    The story has a lot of colors. With one of these you will write us all.
    Au revoir, then!
    PS 1: at least the dance Serra, the dancing well enough in Athens and Thessaloniki! Some of the steps we are losing, but we’ll find them…
    PS 2: Important day for the Pontian Hellenism today. The ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki and the “Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi”, announce joint establishment of a chair for the study of Pontic Hellenism.
    PS 3: The excesses, the lies and the mud have limits. You overcame.