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The countdown STARTED for the winding up of Europe!

Writes the special partner,
Now it seems clear the future of Europe – Will be dissolved….
Why isn’t it possible there is a union between a hegemonic Germany that wants to be leader and of the other countries that half of them give money and the other half are headed to bankruptcy.
Greece does not have a strong economy, but maybe we could leave because the bubble has burst and it will have bad results.They won’t stop our problems like this, but maybe find a pace without having someone over us to tell us what salary you will get and how much will we pay for the 300 euro that we get!
Europe is no longer an idea of union and the protection of countries, but a hegemonic power that wants to “eat” the small countries.
After Brexit, was the beginning of the dissolution of Europe as it seemed other countries were standing by to leave….

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