The confession of Varoufakis: “How I dealt with the anxiety when Greece was close to bankruptcy”

    Yanis Varoufakis may have ceased long ago to be minister of Finance, but the term is still…
    to gather the interest of international MEDIA. So, Business Insider wanted to know how did mr Varoufakis stress experienced as a Finance minister of a country that was threatened with bankruptcy.
    “The stress was unprecedented. I never thought I could be,” he admitted, and referred to the meeting he had with officials of the ministry of Finance, on the first day he took over. “I asked them what is the financial situation of the government. I replied “not so bad”. I asked them to clarify this and they said, “we have 11 days””.
    Assuming the ministry of Finance, 11 days before the bankruptcy, it keeps you awake of nights, continued mr. Varoufakis. “In fact, don’t you ever sleep”, he notes.
    As for how the confronted, it considers that the adrenaline and the sense of responsibility in helps to keep. And the “cure” for anxiety?
    “It was to go everywhere either on my bike, something that became an issue for reasons I don’t understand, but mostly walking. I was walking as the the Maximos Mansion, the Greek Parliament, in order to meet people on the road, who patted me on the back and said, “hold on, don’t give in”. This was a great elixir, and fuel”.