The CIA fears of terrorism APOKALYPSEIS «MADE IN USA» … what other balls’ll find To keep NATO troops in the Middle East???

(Title) deep concern for the international image of the U.S. if they are known cases of “exporting terrorism” is a secret document, the CIA, which today posted on its website WikiLeaks .

The document, dated February 2, 2010, referring to the terrorist attacks that were planned and financed “by Jews, Muslims and Irish” and terrorists who came from the U.S..

“If all these are known,” says the author of the secret document, “would create serious problems in diplomatic relations and cooperation with many countries”.

The “internal report” of the CIA shall, inter alia, why five young American Muslims who traveled from Virginia to join forces with the Taliban in Pakistan and a pakistanoamerikano who allegedly participated in 2008 to attack a hotel in Bombay caused the death of 160 people. It also describes the case of an American doctor, the Jewish religion, who in 1998 went to Israel, was recruited by the organization “Cash” and was involved in killing 29 Palestinians in a mosque in the town of Hebron.

The document However, no mention of the direct involvement of U.S. government or intelligence services to the facts only concern about the disclosure.

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