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(Title) “Casus belli” is for organizations and unions in the prefecture of Kozani, the possible privatization of the Electricity and sell units to individuals. The reaction of local players, who complain “aeritzides” and “pimps” that preying expecting scandalous grace contracts are evlogi.Oi investment peak of the largest public company established in the Energy Centre of Kozani – Florina, which produces 70% of domestic electricity energy. So consider that if the PPC lost its public character be discredited, and with it led to economic stagnation and the region, whose development has for decades in the presence of PPC. Besides lignite, which for sixty years is mined from the bowels of the earth’s energy center, secured for more than half a century, the electrification of the country, which is why the lignite axis Kozani – Ptolemais – Amyndeou – Florina named “wall” of Greece .
It is true that the economic strength of the prefecture of Kozani and the highest per capita income than other regions due to the presence of PPC. It is also true, however, that this economic boom, the land paid to environmental degradation which has resulted a large increase in population morbidity and death.
Hence Kyriakos Michaelides, mayor of the so-called Energy City “D. Ypsilanti, located beneath the stacks of DEI, said:” Privatisation of Electricity is our reason for war. The sale of active units to individuals claiming to hear that the troika will gravestone in the region. For us, we ate the ashes with a spoon, it deserves to expose all sorts of dexterous to get a piece of bread at the huge public property. If the PPC as a public company lowered once the region’s environment, individuals will downgrade a hundred times “.

There are solutions Yesterday MP Kozani PASOK Alexandros Athanasiadis visited SES Aghios Dimitrios and found that “workers are dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to scenarios they see the light of day on sale of units of PPC, while he spoke of” aeritzides “individuals who are ready to” eat up the PPC. She added: “Such a development would slap both the firm itself and the region. DEI can not sell the electricity at cost and retail, the retailer, this aeritzis, to sell to consumers at inflated prices. We will not leave, I will not allow. We are trying, and I am sure you will succeed, to keep the PPC, the PPC is the social person who offers these services. Those wages, wealth and quality of life offered in the region. We will find ways to get rid of stress and the vice of the troika. We have solutions. These solutions will present them to the end of the year. I believe that with the assurance that we have the same Prime Minister and Minister responsible Birbilis will overcome the hurdle.
The memorandum does not mention PPC’s for sale. Just lenders are oppressors. He who lends wants to make sure you get the money back. Do not care if DEI cut into several pieces or sold. We have found ways to pay our loan. Soon you will see. Our priorities is to develop the country to create wealth. The development will come through the PPC, which is the best tool we have. That is why I support this high growth pillar of PPC. Without the PPC to our region will face a great economic and developmental problem “.

Chreostoumena …
The chairman of the association” Spartacus “and member of the board GENOP of George Adamidis, saw that “unfortunately, the pimps are not finished yet, though, as he said” seven years ago a Greek prime minister said that should be done with the pimps. ” About the possibility of selling units, the trade unionist stoichistike with harsh statements by the Chairman of the Federation, Nikos Fotopoulos, noting: “This is a cause of war, will bleed if you try.” However, G. Adamidis believes that “it will not be sold to individuals active units, but rather sought an equivalent solution that is sold to individuals produced cheap lignite and hydroelectric kilowatt, which then individuals will resell the electricity, as a refuge in the limit of the system, speculating. Nor will we allow and we will fight to prevent “.
Pantelis Karalefteris member of the board the GENOP, noted that “the government insists on using the troika to redeem its commitments to individuals, who probably owes a lot”.

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